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Optimized SEO content of a niche media blog to attract more than 21000 unique organic users within the timeframe of 3 months.


Dating Media Content

We were approached by a client with a unique consulting service.

This was a matchmaking service that created a platform to bring Japanese locals with foreign nationals in Japan.

The client already had a paid advertisement strategy and was looking for an automated and long term solution to their marketing endeavors.

With strict restrictions on advertising in the dating industry Japan, they were looking for something new.

Dating Service

High CPA of Advertising

\The client’s main form of customer acquisition for years was paid PPC and media buying advertising.

With paid advertisement they experienced a number of issues.

The first and main issue was that the cost of advertising in the dating niche was a lot higher than others.

Therefore they regularly experienced a less than affordable cost per acquisition (CPA).

In addition, they found that the guidelines for dating ads were very strict and restricted their strategy.

Our Solution

We proposed and introduced an overhaul in the client’s SEO strategy, complete with an owned media strategy and content that targeted their specific persona audience.

We changed their ‘latest news’ style of web content and turned it into an informative, targeted and fan-building organic platform.

In the first few months, their content was ranking in the top 3 positions of search results of their desired keywords.


Low Conversion Rates

Low conversion rates is another major issue the client faced.

Dating in Japan sometimes involves stigma and is a difficult industry in japan in general.

The client found that a high number of clients would not make it all the way to conversion after making first contact after finding more about the service.

The client would experience they would spend a lot of manpower and resources trying to nurture leads to find that a high percentage of leading to disappointment.

Our Solution

Using the owned media platform created above, we turned content into an ‘education tool’ in which leads could learn more about the service and be equipped with vital information to make decisions faster.

Also, through the implementation of an automated email marketing series, we streamlined the lead nurturing process to be automatic.

Therefore creating more potent leads come closing time.


Broad Audience Targeting

Another cause of low conversion rates was attributed to the client targeting such a broad audience.

Similar to above, the client would spend time and resources nurturing leads that was completely different to their target persona.

With the average cost of consultation being in the higher scale, their desired target was individuals that could pay for their service.

However they would nurture targets to find they couldn’t pay.

Our Solution

Through owned media we addressed this issue by adding in content and filters that would make this average spending per customer figures more transparent.

In turn, making this ‘persona’ more transparent to new leads.

This resulted in the more effective filtering of leads and leaving only high quality leads for the client to focus resources on.



21,000 Organic Users

Within the timeframe of approximately 3 months, we increased the client’s organic traffic to 21,000 organic users. More than 10x more than before we optimized.

Increase Conversions

Through informing and educating potential leads, the client was able to increase their overall closing conversion by 1.5 times.

Resource Optimization

With the automation of lead nurturing, the client’s staff was able to allocate less resources in low quality leads, and spend more time in other ventures such as marketing.

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