Fully dedicated to creating a platform for foreign and
local clients to scale your business in Japan.

What We Do

Scaling International Business and Projects in Japan


We initiate an action plan with detailed research on local buyer personas, geographics and competitors to help clients make educated decisions when promoting in the Japanese market.


Based on your product or service we implement marketing strategies that are optimized to crossing language and cultural barriers. Making sure your business message reaches your desired audience.


Through analytics, AB testing and customer feedback analysis we set the stage to enable and support growth for foreign clients to scale their business and aim for maximum results in Japan.

About Us

Bridge Between Osaka and the World

We are a team of multilingual Japanese and foreign digital marketing consultants based in Osaka, Japan.

As experienced professionals in international projects we fully understand the issues and barriers that arise when dealing with intercultural marketing.

Our mission is to help eager clients to overcome these issues by providing precise solutions that bridge this large cultural gap and become the ‘catalyst’ to encourage more new global services and products to start their campaigns in the Japanese market.

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All in One: From SEO, Advertising to Web Design in Japan

Our services cover a full range of localized Japanese digital marketing elements.

From strategies to PPC advertising campaigns, even CRM development.

Our multilingual staff are able to support our clients in every stage of their marketing efforts in Japan.

  • Translation
  • Advertisement
  • Business Planning
  • Content Creation
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Project Management

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New Solutions for Foreign Individuals Through Media

During our marketing exhibitions with global clients and users, we are always finding new situations in which foreign visitors to Japan experience culture shock, complications and difficulties. And when we do, we never ignore them.

Through our own media projects we strive to provide foreigners that visit and live in Japan with the correct information.

We want to help set them on the right path to understanding, accepting and enjoying the Japanese culture.

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Our Team

Intricate Network of Global Professionals

We are a unified team of bilingual Japanese and Foreign professionals. In addition to our Osaka team, our global team is based all around Japan, and the world.

Currently our professionals consists of 24 nationalities, speak a combination of 12 languages and comes from all different walks of life.

Our team will utilize their not only their professional skills, but also their language and cultural experience to provide the determining edge in scaling projects.

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Case Studies

Driven to Provide Result-Based Campaigns

We focus on providing results tailored to each client and each project.

Foreigner Friendly Restaurants

Foreigner Friendly Restaurants

Translated more than 14,000 restaurant menus all over Japan.

Foreigner Hiring Support

Foreigner Hiring Support

Acquired 14 employees for an HR company through Facebook ads with a CPA of ¥5,000.

Salon Marketing Strategy

Salon Marketing Strategy

Increase the number of new foreign client leads by 4 times with a content marketing strategy.

Niche Owned Media Site

Niche Owned Media Site

Increased the client’s organic traffic to 21,000 organic users in just 3 months.

Staff Management System

Staff Management System

Increased productivity and decreased human error with automation.

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