Supporting Others

Reaching the World Through Media

Through our in-house media and services we aim to increase the global standards when it comes to Japan.

Educate and Understanding

Fill in the cultural gap between the Japanese and global society. By improving the understanding of differences, enables the further progress of cultural acceptance.

Speak Out

Create platforms for both Foreign and Japanese individuals to share perspectives, ideals and opinions on global views and standards to benefit the world.

Identify and Solve Problems

Pinpoint vital issues that arise with multicultural interactions and provide services that help effective solutions to benefit the lives of foreigners living and working in Japan.

Inspire and Motivate

Introduce the uncovered benefits of holding a global standard. In hope of encouraging more Japanese and foreigners to have a global mind.

Osaka Hacks

The Definite Osaka Life and Travel Hack Guide

Osaka Hacks is an online media blog that is focused completely on showcasing the beauty, culture and exciting opportunities that Osaka holds. The blog is aimed at foreign travelers and short-term workers that plan to visit and stay in Osaka.

The media consists of thorough and detailed blog posts food, travel, accomodation, shopping and more. The blog is published by a team of writers that are either currently living or have lived in Osaka. Therefore the blog showcases information on a deeper and local base.

Compared to Tokyo, we believe that Osaka still doesn’t have the global recognition that it deserves. Through this blog we hope that more people grow interest and visit Osaka in the future.

Osaka Hacks

Shinsekai: A Guide to Osaka's “New World”


10 Recommended English Speaking Doctors in Osaka


9 Things You Need to Know About the Shinsaibashi-suji Shopping District


Osaka's Tastiest Takoyaki Stores That Do Delivery



Work in Japan and Earn Extra with a Side Job

GANBARUU is a unique job board aimed at helping foreign residents find more job opportunities Japan. There opportunities include positions that utilize skills, not just in the English teaching industry.

The platform consists of matching Japanese businesses in need of a specialist worker with a different mother tongue. These jobs include positions such as content writing, marketing, programming and interpreting.

We believe that there are many foreign works in Japan that are yet to be in a position that makes the most of their skills, abilities and experience. They just need the matchmaking.

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