Global Network

Japan is Our Passion

Our key domestic team is based in Osaka and mainly around the Kansai area.

Further reaching out to large metropolitan areas such as Tokyo, and all the way to rural resort cities such as Okinawa.

Our international team spreads every corner of the globe.

From the the United States, New Zealand, China and Nigeria.

United by a passion of working with Japan, we bring together these expert bilinguals from all over the world to form one unified team of global professionals.


From All Walks of Life

Each of our team members have a unique story.

They hold a different ethnicity, background, customs, religion and language.

This diverse team holds the key to bring our clients a diverse range of ideas, skills and experience when working with a global market.

  • Japan
  • United States
  • New Zealand
  • Australia
  • United Kingdom
  • China
  • South Korea
  • Spain
  • Philippines
  • Argentina
  • Italy
  • Thailand
  • India
  • Other
Solution Teams

A Solution Tailored to Each Project

To provide thorough and comprehensive solutions tailored to each individual clients we divide our team members into 4 precise solution teams. Marketing, translation, content and development.

Marketing Solution

Marketers with expertise in business and campaign planning that includes marketing strategists, ad planners, media buyers, social media marketers.

Translation Solution

Translators that include written and audio translation specialists, language-specific copywriters and industry specialized bilinguals with localization experience.

Content Solution

Professional web content creators from veteran writers, video creators, SEO specialists, surveyors and more. Create user-focused content for any industry and any market audience.

Development Solution

Front and back end developers, marketing material designers and illustrators to create the platform tools required to analyze and scale a marketing campaign.

Meet our Team

Global Digital Professionals

A hybrid team of Japanese and Global Nationalities

Yoshi K

Marketer, CEO

New Zealand

JA-EN bilingual and experienced digital marketer born and raised in New Zealand.

Toshi M

Developer, CTO


Developed his first custom software in 1983. Full-stack web developer, with experience extending back to BASIC language.

Mii S

Marketing Assistant


JA/EN/KR trilingual marketing assistant in charge of implementing research and campaigns in both English and Korean markets.

Moeka N

Social Media Manager


Bilingual Japanese social media marketer raised in the US with experience in promoting a variety of companies and brands.

Dario Z



EN/JA/IT trilingual translation and localization specialist from Italy with extensive involvement in tourism and global projects.

Jayson W

Content Creator

United States

Bilingual content writer with an extensive passion and background in literature, history, bungo/classical Japanese and more.

Nikolas T

Content Creator

United Kingdom

JA/EN translator and global content creator with a background in Japanese business and economics.

Jasmine C


United States

EN/JA/CH trilingual translator from the US with vast expertise in video media and content translations projects.

Aneka S



JA/EN translator veteran with expert skills in Japanese food, culture and lifestyle translations.

Kouki T



Web designer that caters for a global palate and specializing in a wide range of design mediums.

Erika S

Content Creator

New Zealand

JA/EN bilingual content creator that specializes in localization of Japanese subculture content.

Mona O


New Zealand

JA/EN bilingual translator with expertise in beauty and fashion product and media translations.

Tanner A

Team Leader

United States

JA/EN bilingual junior team leader based in Hawaii with practice in foreign staff management and infrastructure.

Moeka K



Bilingual Japanese native translator with experience in the translation of marketing materials such as homepages, email campaigns and more.

Aiko O

Sales Manager


JA/EN bilingual sales manager/translator with experience in the management of web media localization projects.

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