Training and Seminars

Local Clinic Advertising Training

Held 5 trainings seminars teaching local chiropractic clinic owners how to scale their advertising campaigns.

Project Details

Chiropractic Clinic

We were approached by a community of local chiropractic clinics looking to improve their online presence.

Clinics have the tendency to lean towards more traditional forms of marketing such as flyers, referrals and location walk-ins.

This group wanted to move their marketing efforts online.

In particular they wanted to learn how them themselves can do it.

So we created and provided an extensive google adwords training seminar.

Overall, holding 5 seminars and training with over 75 clinic owners.

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Training and Seminars

First-Time Marketing

For a large majority of the members of the client community they were not only using Google adwords for the first time, but it was also their first time running a business.

They were skilled in their medical treatments as a professional but had little experience in the marketing space.

They wanted to use advertising but didn’t have the essential knowledge to make the right decisions.

Our Solution

We created a training curriculum that didn’t stop at just a teaching how to ‘setup adwords’.

Our training sessions included extensive onboardings that included vital marketing mindset and strategies important when running ads.

Such as persona targeting, copywriting, data analytics (CPA/CTR) and more.


Ineffective Google Adwords

In addition to beginner level participants, there were also a significant number of clinic owners who were currently using Google adwords at the time, or have used it in the past.

In many situations, they were not reaching their desired advertising goals.

Also they were in a way running these ads blindly.

Setting them to start and forgetting about them.

Our Solution

For the seminar participants that were more familiar with the adwords platform, we introduced a base manual in how to ‘manage’ ads.

Using PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act), we educated the ad owners on how to analyze their current data and look more at the detail such as excluding underperforming keywords, AB test headlines and improve usability on landing pages.


Results with Limited Funds

Lastly, a select number of participants were in a position where they had just started clinic as a solo owner.

In the startup phase they had very limited funds to allocate into Google adwords or any other type of advertising.

However, through participating in the training seminar they learnt the importance of utilizing ads and wisely.

Our Solution

To cater for seminar participants in this particular situation, we introduced a monthly consultation in which our staff optimizes their ads for a selected period of time.

This cut down the time it would take for the client to scale, and also avoid wasting advertising investments.

Training and Seminars


Double Overall Sales

Double Overall Sales

Through participating our training course, all clinic owners introduced their new knowledge into their ad accounts and increased the number of new customers. Doubling (and for 10 specific clinic owners tripling) their overall sales,.

Decrease CPA

Decrease CPA

All participants experienced a positive effect in their CPA management. One particular clinic owner cut his monthly CPA average in half. Originally spending ¥600,000 for 30 leads, now paying only ¥300,000 for the same number.

Scaling Startups

Scaling Startups

Out of the clinic owners that adopted our monthly consultations, we took one particular new clinic owner from ¥200,000 in sales per month, to over ¥1,000,000 in just 3 months.

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